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Old Town of Cáceres Spain has seen many military conflicts in its history, but Caceres has seen more than its fair share of conflicts. From the 14th to 16th century, the city was ruled by powerful factions as evidenced by fortified houses, palaces and towers that dominate its spatial configuration. read more
Prehistoric Rock Art Sites in the Côa Valley and Siega Verde The Upper Palaeolithic rock art located in the Coa Valley is one of the best examples there is for the flowering creativity genius that gripped the dawn of human cultural revolution. The art sheds light on the social, spiritual, and economic life of the humanity ancestors in an exceptional manner. read more
Top Adventure attractions in Chile For being one of the most stable and the fastest growing countries in Latin America, Chile has attracted a lot of admiration globally. This global goodwill has boosted the country's profile as a major South America tourist destination. It is particularly loved for availability of adventure destinations. Below is a list of the country’s top adventure destinations read more
Best Burger in joints St. John's Fortunately for those who are travelling north, St John's, the capital and largest city in Newfoundland and Labrador has been in existence since incorporation in 1921, making it the oldest English-founded city in North America; and one of the cities that boast some of the best burger joints on the globe. Check out the list below and get impressed - I was too. read more
Where to get the best Oysters in Vancouver Two things work out for Vancouver in its bid to be the world's best Oyster dishes destination; being on the Canadian Pacific Coast and being home to the First Nation's People. The Pacific is an inexhaustible source of oysters and by extension the seafood, while the First Nation's People are adept at catching the prized fish and oysters. Below are the best oyster restaurants in Vancouver. read more
5 cool facts about Adelaide Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and home to 1.23 million people. It is the 5th largest city in Australia and the phrase 'Adelaidean' is used to refer to the city and its residents. As if the gods knew the city was meant for greatness, they directed city's founders to locate it in a beautiful surrounding that features the Fleurieu Peninsula to the north and low-lying Mount Lofty Ranges on the other end. The city is nestled on the Adeladean plateau and stretches from the Sellicks Beach in the south coast to the foothills in the north. Below are some additional cool facts about the city. read more
Take in the breath-taking views on an Antarctic peninsula cruise The Antarctic Peninsula is nothing like you have seen before. It is the northernmost part of Mainland Antarctica and a very popular destination for cruise ships. It extends 1300 km (808 mi) from Cape Adams (Weddell Sea) to the south of Eklund Islands. read more
Experience the best of Central America on Family-friendly adventures The best way to see experience any holiday destination is with those that you love. A destination may not be 'all-that' but with family members and friends, it always seems alright. Family adventures help families bond and become more aware of each other's potential. Below are some of the most vaunted family friendly adventures in Central America. read more
Enjoy the quiet beauty of hiking in the Sperrins One of the most scenic places in Europe is the Sperrin Mountains. In fact, they have been recently labeled as an 'Area of Standing Beauty' by the Irish government. It is in these mountain ranges that your body will be given the ultimate challenge. read more
Travel By Train Through The Amazing Landscapes Of Namibia The country of Namibia in southern Africa is a land of expansive wide open spaces and incredible sunsets. Visitors to this amazing country are always enchanted with the friendly natives and exciting scenery that surrounds them. One of the most popular and enjoyable ways to take in all of the stunning natural beauty is by taking a train tour across the vast Namibian landscape. read more
The Best Hotels in Naples, Italy There are countless cities and towns that travelers can visit throughout Europe. But one of the most beautiful and enchanting of them is the city of Naples in southern Italy. This eclectic and vibrant city is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations and its luxury and boutique hotels are among the best you will find anywhere on the planet. read more
Places to see in Ireland For many people who have never been to Ireland, the legendary "luck of the Irish" is the extent of Irish culture to which they have been exposed. But those who have been there know full well that it is one of the most beautifully eclectic and culturally rich countries on the planet. read more
The Best of What Montreal Has To Offer If you have always thought about taking a vacation to the Great White North that is Canada but have never actually done so, you may want to consider the city of Montreal. And if you are wondering why Montreal, then this article is for you. read more
The Best Small Towns To Visit in Europe Everyone knows about European travel hotspots like Paris, Berlin, Milan, and Rome. But there are several small cities and towns in Europe that are largely ignored by international travelers but which make some of the best vacation destinations. read more
The Best Places for Crab Cakes in Maryland In much the same way that visitors to Philadelphia have to try a cheesesteak and visitors to Chicago have to try Chicago-style hot dog, those who take a trip to the great city of Baltimore are (kind of) required to try the crab cakes. read more
Visit the world's largest religious monument - Angkor Wat Most people would be tempted to think that Mecca, the holy city of Islamic faith, or Jerusalem, the birth place of Jesus and a holy city of the Christianity are the largest religious monuments. Even better, why don’t you ask some staunch Christian faithful what is the largest religious monument in the world? Do not be surprised to hear answer like - Vatican. However, the United Nations Scientific, Education and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have listed the Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia as the largest religious monument in the world. read more
Top  Wine Estates in South Africa You are a wine enthusiast and you plan to visit South Africa to sample some of the best the country has to offer. You have always heard that South Africa has one of the best developed wine industries in the world but you do not know where to start your journey and where to look. May be after reading this you will have an idea. read more
See Cambodia's Monuments at Angkor Archeological Park Cambodia is a country with many historical sites due to its rich historical past. Some of these site go back by hundreds to thousands of years. The Angkor Archeological park is one such site. The site boasts of several ancient buildings that were part of a large city. The buildings are surrounded by a forested park. read more
Explore the Mermaid monument on a Warsaw Private Walking Tour There are three places you will see the Mermaid while on a private tour. These are; the Old Town Square in Warsaw, along the banks of Vistula River, and in Kerowa Street. Due to vandalism, the original mermaid monument was removed from Old Town Square to Historical Museum of Warsaw. While on a tour, why don’t you insist on a walkthrough tour of the Museum? There are a lot of insightful details that you can gather in the museum about the modern Europe. read more
BASE Jumping in Antarctica BASE jumping is an activity where participants jump from high altitudes and use a parachute to help break their fall. For the thrill seeker this could be the ultimate accomplishment, but imagine doing it in freezing temperatures. read more
Explore the "Three Caves" on a Citadels, Karsts & Cycle Small Group Tour Looking to see the breathtaking scenery of Vietnam? Then check out the Citadels, Karsts & Cycle Small Group Tour in Vietnam. On this tour visitors will visit the ancient citadel of Hoa Lu, take a row boat through Tam Coc, to explore magnificent caves and lime karsts. read more
Visit the Ashford Castle for a Medieval Luxury Vacation Fans of television shows such as The White Queen or Tudor or Downtown Abbey will be thrilled by the ambiance of this Irish Castle. read more
Learn the Fascinating History of Cambodia on a Phnom Penh’s Past Tour Want to learn more about the politics of Cambodia? Then check out the Phnom Penh’s Past Tour in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. On this tour visitors will explore the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and Choueng Ek bone pagoda and sample some interesting Khmer snacks. read more
Discover Floating Villages on a Tonle Sap Secrets Tour Want to see how rice is planted and harvested? Then check out the Tonle Sap Secrets Tour in Cambodia. On this tour visitors will visit a floating and stilted fishing village on the Tonle Sap Lake, see a duck farm and explore a Buddhist Monastery. read more
Explore the Göreme Open Air Museum on a Heart of Cappadocia Tour Want to learn to spin clay? Then check out the Heart of Cappadocia Tour in Turkey. On this tour visitors will witness the unusual rock formation in Pasabag valley, visit the abandoned Cavusin old city and visit a traditional pottery workshop in Avanos. read more