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Already booked your trip? The next step is to check into your flight 24 hours before it leaves. Not only will this save you time when you get to the airport, you’ll be able to pick your favourite seat on the plane so you can sit with your travel companion (if you’d like!) and pre-pay for any extra baggage you’d like to take. Make sure you have your travel information ready in order to check in. This includes your passport or relevant ID, flight number and flight reference number. You can also check back ahead of your flight to see whether your flight is on-time or delayed.

Links to commonly used airports in our area are below. If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to your travel advisor for help or contact us here.


toronto pearson airport


london international airport


detroit metro airport
Check In


kitchener waterloo airport
Check In


hamilton international airport
Check In


windsor international airport
Check In

Here are some commonly asked questions we receive about airports:


1. When do I go through customs? Is it in Canada or at my destination?

If you are flying out of Pearson International Airport to the US, you’ll go through the US customs at Pearson so make sure you leave extra time ahead of your flight for that process. If you are flying elsewhere internationally from Pearson International, you will typically go through customs in that country.


2. How far in advance can I drop off my baggage?

This varies by airline and is not usually too far in advance of your flight departing. The best thing to do is to check with the airline themselves or with your travel advisor.


3. Can I bring food on the plane?

Yes, typically you can bring food from home (except for anything liquid) or food that you purchase in the airport on the plane. Rules and regulations tend to change from time to time so if you aren’t sure, call the airport or contact your travel advisor.

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