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5 Things About Exploring South Africa That Might Surprise You

When you first think of a trip to South Africa, you undoubtedly think of Safaris. While you do get the chance to venture through the planes in a Jeep 4x4, we’ve compiled a list of 5 other things that may surprise you about exploring South Africa. All of which you can experience in June 2022 on one of our most sought after group trips.

1. Wine Country

You can spend two full days in South Africa’s most famous wine region - Stellenbosch. Explore the winelands that contribute to the 1,000,000,000 litres of wine produced by South Africa each year. Yes, you read that correctly. 1 billion litres.

2. Boulder Beach Penguins

The southwestern tip of the country is home to… penguins! You’ll have the chance to spend time on Boulder Beach up close with this endangered but friendly species. A once in a lifetime experience.

3. Sleep In A Luxury Lodge

Right next to Victoria Falls, you can stay in a luxury safari style lodge within a wildlife sanctuary. Private wooden viewing decks, a sunken fire pit area and infinity pools add to the expansive views and stunning atmosphere this lodge provides.

4. Meet Elephants At Their Watering Hole

You have the opportunity to meet elephants right in their own habitat and interact with them at their watering hole as you take a sunset cruise down the Zambezi river.

5. Add Dubai To Your Itinerary

If you’ve ever wanted to see Dubai, this is your chance. Add Dubai on as a 3 night extension to your trip and take part in experiences like camel rides, spice and gold markets, and riding a 4x4 on sand dunes.

Contact us for more information on our highly anticipated South Africa group in June 2022. Limited spots left!


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