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5 Travel Tips: How to Travel Smart

A lot has changed in the world of travel. If you're working with us, we'll ensure you have all the latest information including tips on testing, border crossings and more based on our recent experiences. In the meantime, here are 5 other travel tips you can keep in mind to make sure you're travelling smart during these times.

  1. Be sure to check the book by and travel by dates of any travel credits you may have. You may have an email from the supplier or you can log into your guest account to check. Of course, if you booked with us, contact us to find out these details.

  2. Plan your testing strategy. This part of the trip can feel overwhelming - there are different COVID tests and different rules among various destinations, operators, and cruise lines. If you plan a testing strategy ahead of time, you'll be able to rest easy knowing you have the correct types of tests and can schedule any appointments you may need. We recommend looking up the rules of the airline, cruise line, hotel, vacation operatory, and/or destination that you are booking and continue checking in until your departure. If you booked with us, we will help you navigate all of these rules and even give you tips on what we've learned through our recent travel. It also may be best to limit your exposure to crowds ahead of your trip or embarkation to ensure you don't expose yourself to COVID and test positive.

  3. Be prepared for change. It can be frustrating when flight schedules and itineraries change at the last minute. Unfortunately, the reality of travel right now, is that these types of changes can happen. If you are set on seeing a specific destination, taking part in a particular excursion, or travelling at a very set time, it may be best to book travel further out instead of in the short-term.

  4. Don't forget your masks and masking rules. Just like testing, masking restrictions can vary. This not only includes when and where you wear a mask, but also what kind of mask you wear. Research these rules ahead of time and ensure you have enough of the correct masks on hand so you're never caught without.

  5. Have copies of all documentation. It comes as no surprise that the amount of papers you may have to carry has increased. Instead of just a passport and boarding pass, make sure you have digital copies and print outs of your COVID vaccinations, test results, regional passes, and anything else your destination may require.

While it can be overwhelming and even intimidating to travel right now with all of these new rules and regulations, if you can go with the flow, it can be a great time to travel. There are less crowds, operators are working hard to please their guests, and many safety restrictions are in place.

Contact us to hear more about our recent experiences and to book confidently.


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