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FAQs of a Travel Agent

As Travel Agents we are often asked a variety of questions before the trip planning process even begins. Everything from what the best time to book is to if travel insurance really worth it. We love having the ability to share our industry knowledge and personal experience with our clients and to provide them with confidence their trip will be nothing but thrilling.

We’ve compiled a short list below of our most frequently asked questions.

Q. How far in advance should I book my trip? Should I wait for a last minute deal?

A. This depends on where and when you are going. If you are heading to a popular destination and you have specific dates for travel, you need to book this as early as you can. This also goes for dates surrounding holidays like Spring Break and Christmas. Some cruises are available to book almost 2 years prior to departure and we often recommend that for trips that are celebrating something special.

January through March is referred to as “Wave Season” or the Black Friday of the Cruise Industry, with cruise lines offering lots of incentives to book your cruise.

As for last minute deals? It’s strictly a gamble. Pre-Covid, the deals were rare because the travel demand was high. We are predicting the same thing to happen when travel resumes and most people have been vaccinated.

Q. Will it be safe to go on a cruise again?

A. Absolutely, in fact I have a couple of cruises booked for 2022 and I can hardly wait to go! We’ve been carefully reading the updated health and safety protocols released by the cruise lines and we are confident in these new safety measures.

If you’ve read through some of our previous blog posts, you’ve seen a few of these protocols outlined. If you are new to our blog, check out these posts on the industry’s Covid safety measures.

Q. Do you charge fees? How do you get paid?

A. Great question. There is an assumption that Travel Agents are a more expensive way to book a trip. At our agency, we are most often paid a commission by the supplier (airlines, cruise lines, etc.) at the time of booking or departure. This fee doesn't change the cost of the trip for our clients. Whether you book through us, an online agency (like Expedia) or through the supplier directly, the fee is paid out. So, why not book with us and get the best personalized service possible?

We have a professional fee that applies to some bookings (not all!), just like other professionals - mechanics, personal trainers, hairstylists etc. This fee covers our research time and our consultation with you to make sure we are offering you the right type of travel. From the first day of planning to the day you come back home, we advocate for you and have your back if something goes wrong. The experience from our own travels allows us to give you firsthand advice. The time we spend on your trip saves you time and sometimes even money! If this fee applies to your trip, you will know before we start working with you.

Q. Do I really need Travel Insurance?

A. Yes! If you don’t have it through a work plan or another plan, Emergency Medical is a must. One trip on a cobblestone street in Europe could land you in a hospital needing stitches or even surgery to set a bone. Planning to travel with the kids? Cancellation insurance is invaluable if you have to cancel that $10,000

trip to Disney if one of the kids suddenly gets an ear infection and cannot fly.

There are so many scenarios that are covered by insurance. We don’t want you to ever have to use it, but we have seen a few instances where it was needed. We strongly recommend that everyone travels with comprehensive insurance for their security.

Q. Why do you travel?

A. Travelling allows us to not only experience other cultures, traditions and foods and have a great time doing it, but it also enables us to be educated in understanding why and how people live the way they do. We can learn so much about being compassionate, being tolerant and appreciating all walks of life by opening our eyes and our minds to the world we live in. The excitement of planning and experiencing that type of travel is awesome.

Have a question that isn’t on this list? Contact us and we’ll answer all your burning questions!


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