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Top 4 Things to Expect On Your Next Cruise

In response to the ever changing landscape of Covid-19 the cruise industry has put together, and submitted to the CDC, updated best practices to keep both passengers and crew safe as travel begins to resume.

We’ve read the report and put together a TL;DR top 4 list of what you can expect on your next cruise.

1) You and the crew will need to receive a negative test between 5 days and 24 hours before you can board the ship.

If a person receives a positive test result, or has been in close contact with someone within 14 days of boarding who has a confirmed infection, they will not be permitted to board.

In addition to negative tests, the crew will have quarantined on the ship for 7 days before you even arrive to maintain minimal risk of transmission.

Once onboard, daily temperature and symptom screenings will occur for both passengers and crew. Should there be any concern, a secondary screening will be done.

2) Sanitizer will be at every corner.

If you’ve been on a cruise before, you’ve been greeted by a crew member just before entering the main buffet exclaiming “Happy Happy, Washy Washy!”. You can expect to see a lot more of this, as well as an increased number of hand washing stations and readily available sanitizing wipes.

Ventilation systems will also be optimized and upgraded around the ships to include MERV 13 filters to minimize the spread of airborne pathogens.

3) You may have a shorter itinerary.

Your itinerary may be a little shorter than you’d hoped for after not travelling for a long time.

Cruise lines may limit itineraries to a small number of ports that are owned and operated by the cruise line, or where there can be tight control. This provides passengers with a safe experience onshore and will limit any possible exposure to passengers, crew, and other locations.

4) Excursions will still be offered.

You’ll still be able explore and take in the

experiences each port has to offer. Phew. The best part of a cruise right? Cruise line-sponsored and verified excursions will be offered at each port. Indoor activities will be available if proper 6-feet distances are able to be maintained.

The cruise industry is taking a phased approach to the return of sailing and as the risk of transmission lessens, the guidelines will adjust to fit. We will continue to work diligently to keep you updated and informed of industry changes impacting your future travel plans.

Contact us if you’d like more information on what to expect on future trips!


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