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At Vellinga's Travel & Cruise Experts, we understand that your vacation can take a long to save up for, but sometimes only a second to ruin. We recommend that all of our clients have travel insurance to protect themselves, their investment and their belongings.

Whether you’re travelling for pleasure or business, travel insurance can provide you coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellation/interruption, baggage damage/loss, delays, and much more in case an unexpected trip or health problem occurs.

Click below to get a quote or feel free to call, email or visit us in the office to learn more about the benefits of travel insurance. Our travel experts will also be happy to provide a recommendation to you.

A few other reasons why travel insurance is important:


  1. 24-7 assistance: If you run into an issue, it might not be during normal business hours and could even be in a different time zone. Travel insurance provides 24-7 assistance so you can rest easy knowing you can always get in touch with someone no matter where you are.

  2. Family policies: Employer-provided policies and credit card coverage may limit who their coverage is extended to. Travel insurance can cover all family members under one policy.

  3. Baggage loss coverage: Sometimes your baggage may be lost for good or damaged and airlines have limited liability on it. Travel insurance can provide reimbursement if you run into this issue.

  4. Trip interruption benefits: If something goes wrong during your trip (for example a family member falls ill), and you need to return home, travel insurance can help reimburse unexpected flight costs or major portions of your trip.   

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