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How Many Of These Destinations Are On Your Bucket List?

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

We are fortunate to travel regularly (when we're not in the middle of a pandemic) and experience many different types of cultures. People often ask what our favourite trip has been. Well, every trip is a favourite and planning the next trip becomes my new favourite, so it's very hard to select just one. So, we wanted to share our full travel bucket list including what we've checked off and what we can't wait to check off one day. Print it out and see how many places you've been to and let us know if there are any places missing that you'd love to go to one day. And, if you're interested in a few memorable experiences from our trips, keep reading.

Travel Bucket List - Blank
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When we were in Cambodia, the way to reach our ship in the Mekong Delta was to get into a Sampan and sail to our ship where it was docked in deeper water. Alongside us came a small motorboat with a family sitting in it. The baby - less than a year old was holding a boa constrictor type snake around it's neck! The other child on the boat was able to hop onto our boat (we were not going very fast) and he began giving some of the passengers a little shoulder massage, hoping for a dollar or two for his efforts.


In India, there are many festivals. At the end of the festival, they carry the idols/statues etc. to the great Ganges River. Here we were docked and were able to watch as the groups of people ceremoniously chanted and sang, beat on pan lids, spun around and then tossed the idol/statue into the Ganges. All the while below on the steps, men and women bathed, did laundry, washed the oxen and children swam for fun. Have you ever seen how brown the Ganges River is?


Not quite as far away, but still an overnight flight, a wonderful experience and a memory to last a lifetime was taking our family on a river cruise in the Netherlands. Our parents and grandparents immigrated from this country and to go back and bring our children to see the places they have heard about will be a memory that we all talk about often when we see each other. If you have the ability and the time to go back to your heritage, bring your children with you and show them their history. It's a wonderful thing.

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